Circled Finger – Buddha – Jesus – as found in Asian Art

The “Circled Finger” image – as found in Asian Art  Significant of Giving of Blessing – Found in: Cover of Armenian Bible Ceiling of Greek Orthodox Church, Jerusalem Statue in Kyoto Statue in Taiwan Statue in Indonesia Israel – Rockefeller Archaeological Museum Art work throughout Asia, of various faiths.     Ceiling of Greek Orthodox Church, Jerusalem   Statue in Taiwan    Borobudor Temple, Java, Indonesia Israel – Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, Jerusalem … Continue reading

Old World Connections – Across Asian Continent

Maps of the Ancient World of Asia  – BCE 2500 to 500 – These maps tell a story of International Communication, Commerce, Travel and Exchange. MIDEAST ANCIENT TRADE MAP – 2500 BCE FAR ASIAN MARITIME TRADE ROUTES – 2000-1000 BCE ANCIENT SILK ROAD TRADE ROUTES CONNECTED JAPAN, CHINA,  MIDEAST ANCIENT ASIAN TRADE ROUTES OF MEDO-PERSIAN EMPIRE – 1000 BCE CHART OF ANCIENT JEWISH COMMUNITIES INEASTERN ASIA– 1000 BCE … Continue reading

Chinese Character for Sun – Creator God from Egypt?

Is the Chinese character “SUN” actually originating from Egypt? In Egypt, the symbol appears in ancient heiroglyphics – Ra = God of the SUN   In Chinese Bible, the same character, “Tai”  is used for The Creator God Ancient Chinese Bamboo Scripts – 4 BCE       In Japan, the God of Ise Shrine (The Shrine of the Japanese Emperor), is Tai-ichi (the Great One). It is the same symbol as used in Egypt and China.  In Hittite Kingdom – Anatolian Museum – Sun Disks Image from Great Synagogue,Jerusalem,Israel   A few of the many Bible references to God as The SUN: Ps.72:17; Ps. 84:11; Ps. 89:36; Ps. 148:3; … Continue reading