Kobe Peace Research Institute (K.P.R.I) is a registered NGO (NPO) in Hyogo, Japan

Koji Soma – Profile

Koji Soma

Koji Soma

  • President and Founder – Sunbuilder Co. , Kobe, Japan (Real Estate, etc.)
  • President and Owner – several Real Estate-related companies
  • Chairman – Kobe Peace Research Institute
  • Executive Board Member – Kobe City Tennis Association
  • Former National Chairman – Gideon’s International Japan
  • Ex-Chairman – Japan C.B.M.C. (Japan chapter of CBMC International)
  • Also: Involvements and membership in variety of associations

Brief Personal History:

  • D.O.B.: Oct. 6, 1951
  • Involvement in 1970’s Japan student movement activities
  • Bankrupt twice, in early business ventures
  • Became involved in Real estate business, in mid-twenties; Real estate mediator, subdivision management, apartment sales and rental experience.
  • In 2003, moved to apartment complex rentals – now totaling 70+ locations.
  • Personal goal: Devoting 80% of personal time to developing world peace and symbiosis (harmony)